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Dr. Ed Helton and Kim Rozycki from Columbus State University visit Booth 61 on July 24th, 2013

Booth 61 7 24 2013 starring Kim Rozycki and Dr. Ed Helton 3






Very special edition of Booth 61 on 7 24 2013 highlighting the upcoming Jim Blanchard Leadership Forum, and the great work of the Leadership Institute at the Cunningham Center, Columbus State University.

Dr. Ed Helton, Executive Director of the Leadership Institute at Columbus State University and Kim Rozycki, Director of Events & Operations at the Cunningham Center shared the incredible work being done through the Institute. I was unaware that Columbus State had created a very successful “Consulting” practice for companies and organizations of all sizes. Their success is being felt through the growth and increased productivity of their clients in Columbus and around the southeast with many in the greater Atlanta area. The world of business is changing every hour. Having the expertise of Dr. Helton and his team from Columbus State University will help you navigate the dangerous waters your business experiences from time to time.

You may contact Ed or Kim directly at Columbus State by calling (706) 568-5101 or visiting the Cunningham Center website at:

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Ben Hendrick, Regional Director for Dell Services, 7/17/2013

Booth 61 with Ben Hendrick  2 7 17 2013

On July 17th, I was honored to have my friend, Ben Hendrick, in the studio. Ben did an outstanding job of articulating the value proposition of the new Dell. I have learned a great deal about Dell since Ben joined the company 5 years ago but I learned a lot more  during our time together in Booth 61. Ben gave a major shout out to Dell SecureWorks and the outstanding company Mike Cote, Tyler Winkler, and the entire SecureWorks team built before Dell purchased their company last year. Dell SecureWorks has become one of the fastest growing business units in the Dell Corporation which makes all of us in Atlanta very proud.

We also talked about the tremendous contribution that Ben and Dell have made to the city of Atlanta since Ben accepted responsibility to be the civic and not for profit advocate for Dell in the Southeast. In my opinion, Ben has become the “Face” for Dell in the Atlanta community. I would venture to say that Ben has more first name relationships with CIO’s in this region than any other Dell executive. A lot of Ben’s growth and success is because of his involvement in TechBridge, WIT, and the GCLA CIO of the Year Awards. Regardless of how many times I praised Ben personally, he would not accept the credit but gave the credit to the entire Dell team and to the culture at Dell. I also learned about the recent establishment of a WISE (Women In Search of Excellence) resource group here in Atlanta to support and help women who are employees at Dell succeed. (

One of the highlights of our time together was two call in guests. Brenda Holmes, Partner with Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP , and current Women in Technology Board President called in to thank Ben and Dell for the incredible support they have given to WIT, That was a special moment only to be followed about 15 minutes later by a call from Carrie Bates Hastings, Director of Corporate Relations for TechBridge, Carrie also thanked Ben and Dell for their above and beyond contributions financially, with equipment, and consulting services. Last year in the Atlanta area over 1, 000,000 people were touched directly by TechBridge and the agencies they serve. Carrie said that would have been impossible if not for Dell and their support.

This was my 20th week of hosting Booth 61 and every show has been special to me. This 20th show was an extreme high peak for me because Ben and I began our relationship about 7 years ago when I was a guest speaker to his MBA Class at Kennesaw State University. I have watched Ben grow from a good technology executive into a real leader in our community. Ben has done an unbelievable job in the last 7 years creating a personal brand that involves hard work, ethical business practices, and a passion for Dell that makes you want to do business with Ben and with Dell. In addition, through the Dell team and the Dell financial contributions to our technology community, Ben is recognized as a key business leader with considerable influence in our community. I am very proud of and for my friend, Ben.

I know you will enjoy this show. I enjoyed listening while we were recording and I have listened to the show twice today. I learn something of value each time I listen.


Tina O’Hailey, Dean, School of Digital Media, Savannah College of Art and Design “SCAD” 7/08/2013

Atlanta CEO Council with Tina O'Hailey 7 08 2013Delightful conversation with the Dean of the School of Digital Media at the Savannah College of Art and Design better known around Atlanta as SCAD, Tina O’Hailey. Dean O’Hailey has her hands and the hands of her students very busy. They are entering and winning international competitions. There are so many great students that have graduated from SCAD and are now part of Atlanta’s technology community.

Thank you for all you are doing, Dean O’Hailey to mold these young people into the creative geniuses we need to compete in the global marketplace.

Dilip Naik, CEO of DSET, NE Technologies and MARBEN @Atlanta CEO COUNCIL Meeting 7/8/2013

High Tech CEO Council with Dilip Naik 7 08 2013Dilip Naik is a serial entrepreneur and involved in the Atlanta Technology community. Dilip shares his thoughts and ideas at the Atlanta CEO Council meeting on July 8th, 2013 at the Ritz Carlton, Buckhead.

The Atlanta CEO Council is where the movers and shakers in our community gather every 6 weeks to network and make Atlanta a greater technology hub. More Information:

Steve Jeffery & Christina Ellwood, Brickstream 7/10/2013

Booth 61 with Steve Jeffery and Christina Ellwood 7 10 2013Delightful and insightful conversation on July 10th with Mr. Steve Jeffery, CEO of Brickstream and Christina Ellwood, Vice President of Marketing. Steve is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur having taken two early stage companies public and is currently leading Brickstream into great growth and expansion. Brickstream is all about Big Data and Analytics for retail stores and other gathering points for large numbers of people including stadiums and transportation portals.

Steve and Christina opened my eyes to a new dimension in data collection. I am confident that Brickstream is a company you will be hearing more about in the near future. Dig deeper at

Clint Bailey, Tracy Bailey, Alex Brown, and Scott Hall, Co-Founders of HUNTER Technical Resources Celebrate Hunter’s 15th Anniversary June 26th, 2013

What a magical day in Booth 61. My HUNTER Technical Resources family celebrated the 15th anniversary of Atlanta’s Premier IT Staffing Firm and talked about the past and future of IT Staffing. Clint Bailey, Tracy Bailey, Alex Brown, and Scott Hall gave a great overview of how they started with very little in one of their apartments 15 years ago and how they are now one of Atlanta’s most respected and successful IT Staffing firms. The host talked a little more than he should but he just could not help himself. I have worked in a lot of industries and for a lot of interesting companies over the years even including an IT Staffing firm. I have not worked for a harder working group of young people with more integrity, character, and sense of fair play than Hunter Technical Resources. You will hear each of the four partners share their insight about what they attempted and what they accomplished. They all have a little different perspective but the story weaves itself into a beautiful quilt of many colors, people, clients, candidates, and just as importantly, our community. Hunter is the most generous company of its size in this industry, bar none.

The partners also gave a history of the IT Staffing industry in Atlanta. They have witnessed first hand remarkable changes these past 15 years and they see more changes in the near future.

You will also hear about a few of the not for profit organizations we support in our community. We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish as a team. Lives have been changed from the contribution of time and money from the Hunter team.

As you can see, the host is having just as hard a time writing the recap without inserting himself into the action as he had during the recording of the show. As Bobby Brown sang long before he married Whitney, “It’s My Prerogative”. 🙂

Joan Herbig, CEO of ControlScan and Atlanta Technology Super Star 6/19/13

I don’t recall when I first was introduced to Joan Herbig. However, I do know that once I met Joan and became aware of all she has accomplished, I joined a large group of people in the technology community that hold Joan in high regard and with great respect. Joan will give you a glimpse of why I personally feel this way in this interview from Booth 61 on June 19th, 2013

Joan is currently CEO of ControlScan, which will be her next great success story. Joan is a former Chairman of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). Joan has created a blueprint for what it takes to be a successful female entrepreneur while keeping her husband and children at the forefront of her life. Joan is the definition of balance. I started to list a few of my favorite take aways from this interview and soon realized that the preview might take you longer to read than just listening to Joan tell you herself so that is what we will do. You will be entertained, inspired, and I believe motivated to make changes in the way you approach business and during our closing minutes Joan shares a couple of really important tips for your career.


Jim Flannery, Founder of Four Athens & Art Recesso, Co-Founder of Instructive Insight

June 12th was a very special Booth 61. This was our first show with out of town guests. My good friend for the past 2 years and the Founder of Four Athens and the Four Athens Angel Fund brought one of the companies currently in the Four Athens space. Athens, Georgia is on fire with new technology and a new Angel Fund. Jim Flannery is one of the most interesting people I have met since I began making Athens my weekend home this past two years. Jim has a pulse on all things entrepreneurial in Athens and he has built a solid team of investors, board members, and advisers. I met Art for the first time on the 12th and later served Art and his family a delicious Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt at AthFest in beautiful downtown Athens. Art and his partner have created a unique technology which will help schools create a more favorable climate for success. Their company could be a change agent in the education system in Georgia and across the world.

You will be amazed to hear Jim and Art share great stories from the Classic City, Athens, Georgia. UGA and the entrepreneurial Eco-system in Athens will be something the State will be hearing more about in the very near future. You will have the inside scoop ahead of the pack.

Thank you Jim and Art for driving down and spending an hour sharing your wisdom, insight, and wit. It was a blessing having you in the studio.

Jeff McConnell, CEO of Whisper Communications & Mentor to Atlanta Technology Start Up Entrepreneurs June 5th, 2013

One of the many blessings of being in our Atlanta Technology Community is I have the privilege of meeting a lot of very interesting people. Some become friends over the years and some become family. Jeff McConnell is a person who has become family to me. Jeff has gone out of his way time after time to help me, encourage me, and introduce me into his network.

Jeff McConnell is one of Atlanta’s leading advocates for the technology start-up community. Jeff is involved in mentoring, judging presentations, and coaching young entrepreneurs as they launch their companies. Although Jeff is a die hard Florida Gator, he shares his passion for Georgia Tech and all of the great innovation that come from the ATDC and other Georgia Tech programs.  In addition, Jeff has been a senior executive in the payments space for many years.

I first began spending quality time with Jeff at his home where he hosts a once a month wine tasting. Jeff hosts the event, cooks all the food, and his wonderful family drop in to say hello to the guests. Jeff does this at no cost to anyone other than Jeff. He is a giver and a creator of opportunities for others. In this informal gathering people have found new jobs, business has been transacted, introductions to capital or talent have occurred and great friendships have developed.

You will learn a great deal by listening to this interview. If you ever have the opportunity to meet or hear Jeff speak, drop what you are doing and go to that event. I promise it will be worth every minute of your time.

Thank you for being such a great friend to me and to our technology start-up community, Jeff!

Tino Mantella, President & CEO of Technology Association of Georgia May 29th, 2013

Tino Mantella and Ricky Steele in Booth 61

It was an honor to have my good friend and CEO of TAG, Tino Mantella in Booth 61 for a lively discussion. Tino has been instrumental in moving the Technology Association of Georgia from a solid association to a fast growing national powerhouse for the Georgia Technology Community. TAG is involved in issues that matter to our community from raising awareness to lobbying at the State legislature, increasing the talent pool in Georgia to more educational events than imaginable.

Tino is a force in our community and this interview gives me reason to be very excited about the future of the the technology industry in Georgia.