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Terry Kim, Founder of CheckAction & Eugene Yukin, Founder of TranscriptsHQ 9/25/2013

Booth 61 with Terry Kim and Eugene Yukin 9 25 2013Booth 61 on 9/25 was another major HOME RUN. I was eager to meet Terry Kim, Founder of CheckAction and Eugene Yukin, Founder of TranscriptsHQ because they both came very highly recommended by Johnson Cook and Kyle Porter at the Atlanta Tech Village.  I now owe Johnson and Kyle even more than I did before. These two YOUNG guys are the real deal and I know we will be hearing more from and about them over the next few years. Listen to this interview and learn from two passionate entrepreneurs about their past, their hopes, and their future. After listening, I suggest you visit both of their websites from the Link on this page and explore what they are doing in their respective industries.

After spending almost 3 hours with these two fine gentlemen, I felt 20 years younger and 10 times smarter. It was a privilege meeting them and I plan on spending more time with them in the near future.

Ricky Steele;

IT United Way Campaign featuring Becky Blalock and Karl Jennings September 11th, 2013

Booth 61 with Becky Blalock and Karl Jennings 2Booth 61 on Wednesday, September 11th was a blast. My guests, Becky Blalock and Karl Jennings shared all of the exciting things happening in the technology community for the United Way of Atlanta. This year’s IT United Campaign is off and running with an A+ team of leaders and is being chaired by Becky and Jay Ferro, CIO of the American Cancer Association.

Our first “public” event will be Wednesday, October 16th at AGL Resources hosted by the AGL CIO, Joe Surber. This is an event for companies who are either running an employee campaign or having leadership contributions exceeding $5,000.00. The panel is A++ with CIO superstars sharing their wisdom and wit including Jean Holley from Brambles, Karen Kreider from the Automotive Parts Group at Genuine Parts, and Janet Sherlock from Carter’s. This is a DO NOT MISS event for every service provider in the IT community. We will also have a special presentation from Ms. Blalock on her new book, DARE, which will be published on October 3rd.

Ché Watkins & David Lewis discuss Leadership Atlanta’s September 22/23 Mega Event: (co) lab 2013

Booth 61 with David Lewis and Che Watkins 1Today was a very special day in Booth 61 history. I was honored to have two wonderful people join me to discuss (co) lab 2013 created and produced by Leadership Atlanta. Ché Watkins is a senior executive with the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Spellman graduate and alumnus of Leadership Atlanta Class of 2009. David Lewis is a highly acclaimed director/producer/radio host, award winning journalist, Harvard graduate and alumnus of Leadership Atlanta Class of 2012. I am an old man being an alumnus of Leadership Atlanta Class of 1986 when the earth was still cooling and no one I know owned a computer. My how times have changed. Leadership Atlanta was a defining moment in my life and based on today’s interview, I believe it was a defining moment in the lives of Ché and David.

(co) lab 2013 is going to be an extraordinary experience filled with interactive sessions led by world leaders in education, government, politics, and business. Two time Pulitzer prize winning author from the New York Times, Thomas Friedman ends the sessions on Monday the 23rd. There are over 70 speakers from Sunday noon until the closing presentation including Sir Ken Robinson, Mayor Kasim Reed, Governor Nathan Deal, Ron Clark, Alan Dabbiere, David Cummings, Bud Peterson and the list goes on and on. I think this is the most important educational opportunity for people in our community in 2013.

If you love Atlanta, please listen to our show and register to participate in the inaugural (co) lab 2013. You may register and learn more about this amazing event at: (co) lab summit 2013