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Gabe Damiani & David Degitz Share the iVision Success Story 10/30/13

Booth 61 with Gabe Damiani and David Degitz from iVision 3  10 30 2013Booth 61 with Gabe Damiani and David Degitz is one of the best interviews since we began this show in January. You are going to hear the amazing success story of iVision. You are going to hear pearls of wisdom you can use beginning today to improve your personal life and the life of your organization.

There are more highlights in this interview than I can list so you will have to listen to this in its entirety. What struck me is the success of iVision is the perfect example of Cause and Effect. The Values of iVision are PIRRFAH. I know you are eagerly awaiting the explanation of this almost unpronounceable acronym. Passion, Integrity, Respect, Rigor, Focus, Accountability, and Humility are the values of iVision. All decisions from hiring to new client strategy to expansion plans are focused on their values and what is best for their clients. That is Cause. The Effect is growth from $220,000 in revenues in 2004 to over $37,000,000 in revenues in 2012. In addition, iVision has maintained 100% client retention for the past 9 years. Finally, their employee retention rate is also off the charts. Those are three of the many metrics that are the Effect from the Cause.

I know you are going to enjoy this interview. It was certainly a blessing for me to spend several hours with Gabe and David.

Bill Winter and Ned Coker with CCP Games Take Booth 61 Into Outer Space and What A Great Trip It Was: 10/23/2013

Booth 61 with Bill Winter and Ned Coker 10 23 2013  1Words will hardly describe or explain all I learned on Booth 61 with Bill Winter and Ned Coker from CCP Games. Bill and Ned took me on a trip that was out of this world. I was entertained and I learned a tremendous amount about the wonderful world of Online Gaming. CCP Games is a very successful creator of online games including one of the world’s best known, EVE ONLINE. The levels of sophistication, detail, and depth of their game opened my eyes to a world I had not experienced and it makes the original Star Wars movie seem like Etch a Sketch.

CCP Games is an international company with a heavy presence in good old Decatur, Georgia. I could write about my experience with Bill and Ned for another 25 paragraphs and not capture the excitement, insight, and joy I felt being in the studio with them. There was one thing I meant to tell them but our time slipped away too quickly so I will do it now. I was blown away with their passion for their industry, their company, their games and even for one another. During our time in the booth, I felt like I had drifted into an old fashioned tent revival. I am a firm believer that passion is what separates the extraordinary from the ordinary in the game of life. Bill and Ned are passionate people and you will experience their passion while listening to our broadcast. I believe Bill and Ned would work without a paycheck if necessary to be around their team of fellow dreamers.

Enough of my commentary, please listen to this interview and then pass it along to your friends especially to those who enjoy online gaming. They will thank you for introducing them to Bill, Ned, and CCP Games.

Becky Blalock: Author of DARE, Speaker, Consultant, Corporate Board Member & Great Friend: 10/16/2013

Booth 61 with Becky Blalock 10 16 2013  4Booth 61 show #30 enjoyed the largest Live audience since we began this adventure last January. As I said in my introduction of Becky Blalock: “Everybody knows Becky, everyone respects Becky, and everyone loves Becky”. I am certain every person who listened to the show Live, walked away grateful to Becky for who she is, what she and done, and her willingness to share her incredible life story.

I hope you will listen to this interview and share it with others. Men will receive just as much as women will by listening to Becky’s success story. I only wish Becky had written this book 30 years ago. I could have been more proactive than I was at promoting, nurturing, and mentoring the women who have worked with me. I am wiser today because not only have I read DARE but I have watched Becky for the last 15 years up close and in person.

Becky’s accomplishments are too numerous to list but a few that I must share include: Becky was the first female CIO of The Southern Company. Becky is a former GCLA CIO of the year in 2003 and in 2011 received the Life Time Achievement Award. In 2011, Becky was also given the highest honor bestowed by Women in Technology, the Legacy Award. Becky has been very active in our community with United Way, Leadership Atlanta, Leadership Georgia, Emory Healthcare, and the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta just to name a few. Becky is a new author with the release of her book Dare. If you do not buy and read this book, I would love for you to send me a note to tell me why. This book will empower women and educate men on the importance of mentorship, sponsorship, and taking risks.

You may purchase and I do urge you to purchase DARE at Becky’s website: If you read this book and apply the principles, it will change your life. You can also follow Becky on Facebook: at DARE  and on Twitter: @Becky_Blalock.


Alan Stukalsky, Lee Crump & Tracy Crump: GCLA CIO of the Year Awards

Booth 61 with Alan Stukalsky, Lee Crump and Tracy Crump 10 02 2013Booth 61 on 10/02 was a major HOME RUN! My guests were Alan Stukalsky, Managing Director, IT & CIO of Randstad, Lee Crump, Group Vice President & CIO of Rollins and Tracy Crump, Executive Director of the Georgia CIO Leadership Association, (GCLA). It was a real honor for me to host three people I  respect and appreciate very much for all they do for Atlanta and Georgia. Lee was the 2012 CIO of the Year in the Global Category and Alan is a finalist for the 2013 CIO of the Year in the Enterprise Category. Tracy is the person who manages GCLA and creates extraordinary programming all year for the CIO members. Tracy is also the person who makes sure the CIO of the Year event is spectacular.

The GCLA CIO of the Year Awards Breakfast will be held on November 1st. This is a MUST ATTEND event. There will be 50+ CIO’s in one room at one time. Nowhere or at no other time will you find this many CIO’s together in Atlanta. In addition to learning about the event on November 1st, you will also learn the history of the Georgia CIO Leadership Association and its founder, Mr. Frank Bell, Chairman & Founder of Intellinet.

This year’s guest speaker is a legend in the technology world, Mr. Tim Campos, CIO of Facebook. Hearing Mr. Campos is more than worth the price of admission and when you add 50+ CIO’s and 900+ technology industry senior leaders, this is a DO NOT MISS event. There are a small and limited number of tables left for the breakfast. When they are gone, they are gone. Don’t wake up on Friday morning, November 1st wishing you had bought a table. Do it now to make sure you and your colleagues are represented at this once in a lifetime gathering. Buy Now:

Needless to say, I am excited about this event. I am also very, very excited to announce Booth 61 will be broadcasting Live from the Cobb Galleria on November 1st.