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Margaret Martin, Founder and CEO of Merlin Mobility, visits Booth 61 at the Atlanta CEO Council 3/03/2014

Booth 61 at Atlanta CEO Council with Margaret Martin 3 03 2014I love days when I meet someone new especially when they are as smart, energetic, and successful as Margaret Martin. Blake Patton was kind to introduce me to Margaret at the Atlanta CEO Council meeting last Monday. Margaret agreed to join me in Booth 61 to talk about her very exciting company, Merlin Mobility. Merlin is a Georgia Tech Innovation Institute company located in the Atlanta Technology Development Center (ATDC), at Georgia Tech. Merlin Mobility‚Äôs cloud-hosted Augmented Reality (AR) platform enables companies to create, host, deliver, manage and track mobile AR-based content and customer data. The platform is available in both Software as a Service (SaaS) and Enterprise versions. The most fascinating thing I learned is that Margaret has been leading Merlin for over 5 years without any venture or angel investment. Merlin’s funding has been generated from their clients which in my book is as good as it gets. I am sure you will enjoy hearing Margaret share her story.

Blake Patton, Managing Partner of Tech Square Ventures visits Booth 61 at the Atlanta CEO Council 3/3/2014

Booth 61 at Atlanta CEO Council with Blake Patton 3 03 2014I really enjoyed my friend, Blake Patton, dropping by Booth 61 earlier this week at the Atlanta CEO Council event. I first met Blake about 8 or 9 years ago during one of his earlier entrepreneurial ventures. Today, Blake is the Managing Partner of Tech Square Ventures, Atlanta’s newest and very exciting early stage venture fund. Blake was most recently the General Manager & Entrepreneur-In-Residence at the ATDC, one of the oldest and one of the premier technology incubators in the country. Blake knows how to spot an early stage company that has the greatest chance of success. I believe Blake will be very successful and his investors delighted with the results of Tech Square Ventures. Listen to Blake’s interview and you will understand why I and many, many other people are bullish on the Atlanta technology scene.

Sandy Hofmann visits Booth 61 at the Atlanta CEO Council Meeting 3/03/2014

Booth 61 at Atlanta CEO Council with Sandy Hofmann 3 03 2014What a treat to be able to spend time with the Atlanta Gadfly, herself, Mrs. Sandy Hofmann. Sandy is one of the most energetic and giving people in our Atlanta technology community. Name any organization in this city and Sandy has been involved, chaired, or received it’s highest honor. Sandy’s latest gift to our community is chairing a committee for the Atlanta Regional Commission. Sandy shared highlights of her work on this committee during our time together. Let’s all hope and pray that Sandy and her team are very successful because they will make Atlanta an even greater city for all of our citizens.