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Carrie Bates Hastings, Jay Ferro, David Sprowl & Jamie Lewis share the Amazing Story of TechBridge 4/9/2014

Booth 61 with TechBridge 3 4 9 2014TechBridge is an amazing organization that is changing lives all across the Atlanta region. To date, over 5,000,000, yes you read that correctly, 5 Million people have been touched by the over 100 not for profit agencies that TechBridge serves. Booth 61 was filled with great friends and a lot of Love on 4/9/2014. My esteemed guests, Jay Ferro, Jamie Lewis, and Carrie Bates Hastings are not only great friends but they are also great Servant Leaders in our community. I could go on and on about this show but I could not do it justice. You listening to this show and then sharing with others will do this show justice. Help spread the powerful story of TechBridge.

One of the highlights of our time together was a call in from David Sprowl, Executive Director of the Lutheran Towers. David is another Servant Leader who left a more financially lucrative career at IBM for a more spiritual lucrative career serving others. He gives dignity to the over 200 low to mid income seniors who live in Lutheran Towers. TechBridge is allowing him to serve more people at a lower cost with more dignity. This part of the interview may require Kleenex to be at hand.

Special Scoop: Carrie shared a few new items about the May 3rd Digital Ball that had not been previously released. Listen to learn about an amazing new initiative within TechBridge that Jamie Lewis is spearheading and a little about the entertainment at the Marriott Marquis. Spoiler Alert: Wear Your Dancing Shoes!