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TechBridge 2014 Digital Ball Recap with McKenzy Bailey, James Franklin, Dennis Gardin, Jessica Higgins, Karen Renner & Bill VanCuren 5/21/2014

Booth 61 TechBridge 2014 Digital Ball Recap 5  21  2014  1Booth 61 on May 21st, 2014 was MAGIC. I will not forget this broadcast for the rest of my career. I want to thank my guests who are all very busy people but were gracious in sharing their time with me in Booth 61. My guests included two of Atlanta’s most respected CIO’s, the first is with Novelis, Karen Renner & the second with NCR, Bill VanCuren, from the Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation, Dennis Gardin & McKenzy Bailey, and our two TechBridge Superstars, CEO James Franklin & Program Manager for the new “Adopt-A-Nonprofit” initiative, Jennifer Higgins.

I could write 25 paragraphs about this show and it would not do it justice. We laughed, we shed a few tears of gladness and joy, and we shared from our united hearts about all of the great things TechBridge is doing to change lives in our community and in 20 other cities. Over 6.5 MILLION people have been touched by TechBridge through the over 100 not for profit agencies who partner with TechBridge. As I said, I cannot do this broadcast justice by my words. You will have to listen and enjoy the passion we all experienced for one another, for our city, and for all of the lives who have been touched and will be touched through TechBridge including those served by the Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation which is a miracle story on it’s own.

Special thanks to my sidekick and Hunter Technical Resources “LinchPin”, Jess Jones for her social media skills in helping share the story before, during, and after our broadcast. Thank you Clint Bailey and all my colleagues at Hunter for sponsoring Booth 61. I am honored to be part of the HUNTER TEAM.

TechBridge’s 2014 Digital Ball with Alan Stukalsky, CIO of Randstad

Booth 61 at Digital Ball 2014 with Alan Stukalsky 5 3 2014 Great fun with Alan Stukalsky in Booth 61 with Ricky Steele at the TechBridge 2014 Digital Ball. Alan is a great leader in our community who is dedicated to helping others. Alan is also a “brainiac” having completed his BS at Emory in Mathematics and his BS in Mechanical Engineering at the North Avenue Trade Show aka Georgia Tech. His time achieving these degrees overlapped. Not a bad commute between the campus but can you imagine the amount of homework and project work you would have to complete while attending these two very prestigious schools at the same time? Thank you for your time and wisdom, Alan. Atlanta is fortunate to have you here.

TechBridge’s 2014 Digital Ball with James Franklin, CEO of TechBridge 5/03/2014

Booth 61 at Digital Ball 2014 with James Franklin 5 3 2014.jpg  3 It is always an honor and privilege when the CEO of TechBridge, James Franklin drops by Booth 61. Although James was being pulled in 100 different directions accommodating his 800 guests, he took the time to share his passion for TechBridge and for the 2014 Digital Ball. James also let those who were listening Live on Saturday night in on a few secrets that were not announced until later that night, the most exciting is the new TechBridge Nonprofit Exchange. This new program is going to help TechBridge and our not for profit community serve tens of thousands more people in the next year. Thank you for everything you and your dedicated team at TechBridge do every single day to make Atlanta a great city for ALL our residents, James.

TechBridge’s 2014 Digital Ball with Aaron Hillegass, Founder and Charles Brian Quinn, aka CBQ, CEO of Big Nerd Ranch 5/03/2014

Booth 61 at Digital Ball 2014 with Charles Brian Quinn and Aaron Hillegass 5 3 2014Having the dynamic duo of CBQ and Aaron Hillegass from Big Nerd Ranch drop by the Booth 61 at the TechBridge Digital Ball was a real treat. First, I have never seen Aaron without his trademark cowboy hat which you will see if you follow his Link. Secondly, these two gentlemen had just finished hosting/sponsoring the VIP reception for the Digital Ball. Listen to this interview and learn about the powerful partnership these two great friends have created. They are blazing a new trail in Atlanta and around the world. I wish both of them great success. Listen and Enjoy!

TechBridge’s 2014 Digital Ball with Jay Ferro, CIO of the American Cancer Society 5/03/2014

Booth 61 at Digital Ball 2014 with Jay  Ferro 5 3 2014For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you may think that Jay Ferro and I are either having a “bromance” or I am a serious “Jay Ferro Groupie”. I understand your thought process. Jay has often been a guest on Booth 61 with Ricky Steele and hardly a day goes by without me posting something about or sharing a picture of the two of us together. 🙂 The real reason for this is that Jay is everywhere! Jay donates his time and resources to our community like few other. I was very appreciative that Jay once again made the time to visit Booth 61 during the reception at the Digital Ball. Jay shared his wisdom and his insight about TechBridge, the Digital Ball and what makes Atlanta such a giving community. I hope you will listen to this interview with an open heart because you will be blessed. Thank you for all you do day in and day out to help improve the lives of people you will never meet, Brother Jay!

TechBridge’s 2014 Digital Ball with Jess Jones, Sales Support at Hunter Technical Resources and Volunteer for TechBridge 5/03/2014

Booth 61 at Digital Ball 2014 with Jess Jones 5 3 2014  2Everyone Loves Jess Jones! If you don’t know the fun loving, hard working and dedicated volunteer, Jess Jones, I hope you will listen to this interview. Jess is what Seth Godin calls a Linchpin. Jess is the person behind the scenes making everyone else look great. She is tireless in all she does. Jess is a regular contributor to Booth 61 and is usually live tweeting during most of our broadcasts. For Hunter Technical Resources, Jess manages our special events, candidate interviews, social media and so much more. Jess is also an accomplished musician with a song that was chosen as the #1 Local Indie record by Creative Loafing. Thank you for being such a great giver, Jess. You make everyone smile.


TechBridge’s 2014 Digital Ball with Karen Kreider, CIO for the Automotive Parts Group of Genuine Parts 5/03/2014

Booth 61 at Digital Ball 2014 with Karen Kreider 5 3 2014Wonderful time sharing with my friend and the CIO of the Automotive Parts Group of Genuine Parts, Karen Kreider. Although only relocated to Atlanta for a little over 2 years, Karen has jumped into the Southern spirit of Servant Leadership very quickly. This is Karen’s second Digital Ball and in our time together she shared what this event means to her. Karen also gives a nice shout out to the South for our generous nature and volunteer spirit. Keep your eyes on Karen Kreider. She is going to be a super star CIO in our community for many years to come. Thank you for your enthusiastic support of TechBridge and our not for profit community, Karen!

TechBridge’s 2014 Digital Ball with Karen Renner, CIO of Novelis and Bill VanCuren, CIO of NCR, Co-Chairs of the 2014 Digital Ball 5/03/2014

Booth 61 at Digital Ball 2014 with Karen Renner and Bill VanCuren 5 3 2014  6 Co-Chairs of TechBridge’s 2014 Digital Ball visited Booth 61 to share their excitement for the evenings event. Karen Renner, CIO of Novelis and Bill VanCuren, CIO of NCR worked extremely hard this year to make this event the most successful in Digital Ball history. Our technology and our not for profit community both owe Karen and Bill a great debt of gratitude for their tireless effort. Thousands of people in the greater Atlanta area will be served by our not for profit agencies with the proceeds of the 2014 Digital Ball. On behalf of all the people who will be served but will never have the opportunity to thank Karen and Bill in person, I Thank You on their behalf!

TechBridge’s 2014 Digital Ball with Lisa LaRoque, Executive Director of the Georgia CIO Leadership Association 5/03/2014

Booth 61 at Digital Ball 2014 with Lisa LaRoque 5 3 2014  6Although I have only known Lisa LaRoque for about 3 years, she is one of my favorite people. The first time we met was at the Dell SecureWorks Thursday morning Bible Study. Later we met for lunch and I knew we would become life long friends. Lisa became the Executive Director of the Georgia CIO Leadership Association late in 2013 and she is already doing a tremendous job serving our CIO community. I am certain with Lisa’s hard work, this year’s CIO of the Year event will be the most successful to date. Although Lisa has her own association to run and budget to raise through sponsorships, she is active in the United Way and in TechBridge where many of the Host Committee are also members of GCLA. I am grateful that Lisa is part of our community and part of my life. This is a double blessing for sure.

TechBridge’s 2014 Digital Ball Walt Carter, CIO of Generation Mortgage 5/03/2014

Booth 61 at Digital Ball 2014 with Walt Carter 5 3 2014Dear friend and industry superstar, Walt Carter, was kind to stop by Booth 61 during the Digital Ball reception. Walt has history. As the former COO of TechBridge and now an active Host committee of the Digital Ball, Walt has been an active part of a miracle. I do not believe anyone in the first few years could have ever dreamed big enough to capture what TechBridge has become. TechBridge is changing lives on a daily basis and all of us have Walt to thank for his steady leadership. Please listen to this interview to hear a man who is filled by passion as he serves our community, not because he is paid to do this or it is part of his job. Walt serves because it is who he is on the inside. His heart is a big as all outdoors which you will better understand and appreciate after you listen to his interview. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to make all our citizens experience a better life, Brother Walt!