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James Franklin, Vish Narendra and Leo Martinez Talking TechBridge 4/08/2015

Booth 61 TechBridge Digital Ball 2015  4 08 2015




Booth 61 welcomed James Franklin, CEO of TechBridge, Vish Narendra, CIO of Alstom Integration at GE Power and Water and Leo Martinez, Community Education Coordinator and Youth Advocate at Caminar Latino. I hope you will listen to this powerful show highlighting the continued success and growth at TechBridge and how they impact the community through over 300 not for profit organizations. If you are not familiar with Techbridge, I hope you will visit their website to see the amazing life changing outreach of this organization. Through the hard work of a very dedicated staff and hundreds of volunteer leaders, over 7 million people were served last year by organizations supported by TechBridge.




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