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Ben Hendrick, Global Executive – Managing Partner-IBM Security at the CIO of the Year Awards

Always a pleasure to have my friend and the Managing Partner for IBM Security, Mr. Ben Hendrick join Booth 61 for an interview. I have known Ben for 10 years and he is one of the hardest working and well respected technology leaders in Atlanta. He has created a brand that helped Dell grow in Atlanta dramatically and I am sure he will do the same for IBM. Ben understands the power of community and the importance of having a great personal brand. I know you will enjoy this interview with, Mr. Ben Hendrick. ben-hendrick-in-booth-61-at-the-2016-gcla-cio-of-the-year-awards-10-28-2016

Georgia CIO Leadership Association’s 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award: Mr. Fran Dramis

fran-dramis-georgia-cio-of-the-years-2016-lifetime-achievement-award-winner-10-28-2016First interview at the 2016 Georgia CIO Leadership Association Annual CIO of the Year was with the Winner of the “Lifetime Achievement Award”, Mr. Fran Dramis. This 14 minute interview is Pure Gold and well worth everyone’s time to listen.

Fran is an icon in our industry and community. It was a great honor to meet Fran at 6:15am on the 28th of November to hear his perspective on life, technology, business and community.

I know you will enjoy this interview.