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Walt Carter, CIO of Primary Capital Mortgage visits Booth 61 at the 2015 Techbridge Digital Ball

2015 Techbridge Digital Ball with Walt Carter, CIO of Primary Capital Mortgage 5 09 2015Walt Carter on Booth 61 at the Techbridge 2015 Digital Ball 05 09 2015  2 One of the highlights of Booth 61 at the Techbridge Digital Ball is when my friend and everyone else’s friend, Walt Carter visits. Walt has been a guest each year and will continue to be a guest as long as I am hosting the show. Walt is a man after God’s own heart. Walt is passionate, caring and goes above and beyond in serving our community. Walt has worn many hats at Techbridge including being an employee helping to create a lot of the internal technology the organization uses today.

Walt shared a little about his role as CIO at Primary Capital Mortgage. Walt shared much more about the power of Techbridge and the impact this organization has had on our community, the United States and rapidly expanding globally. Thank you Walt for being who you are. I am honored to be your friend.

Lisa LaRoque, Executive Director of the Georgia CIO Leadership Association, visited Booth 61 at the 2015 Techbridge Digital Ball

Lisa LaRoque in Booth 61 at the Techbridge 2015 Digital Ball 05 09 2015What a JOY it was for me when my sister, Lisa LaRoque dropped by Booth 61 during the opening reception at the 2015 Techbridge Digital Ball. I first met Lisa at the Thursday morning Bible Study held at Dell SecureWorks. She is one of the people you learn from quickly. She has a magnificent heart and she shares it liberally with all who are fortunate to know her.

There are so many great things happening at the Georgia CIO Leadership Association including the expansion to Boston this June. Lisa shared a lot about the mission and the future of the organization that was originally created by the Founder of Intellinet and my good friend, Frank Bell. If you don’t know about GCLA, visit their website at If you have not attended the CIO of the Year Awards in the past, you definitely want to be at the Cobb Galleria on November 13th this year for this tremendous event.

Dave Hudson, Chief Business Strategy Officer and SVP Technology Strategy at Amtrak visited Booth 61 at the 2015 Techbridge Digital Ball

Dave Hudson in Booth 61 at the Techbridge 2015 Digital Ball 05 09 2015  2It was a special treat for me when my old friend, Dave Hudson dropped by Booth 61 on May 9th during the 2015 Techbridge Digital Ball. I have known Dave and his equally talented wife, Monika for many years having first met them when I spoke to the SOB’s (Students Of Benn Konsynski) at the Emory University Goizueta Business School.

Dave shared a lot of exciting news about Amtrak including the major expansion of their presence in Atlanta. Dave and Monika will be relocating back to Atlanta from DC over the next few months.

Aaron Hillegas, CEO of Big Nerd Ranch visits Booth 61 at the Techbridge 2015 Digital Ball

Aaron Hilligas on Booth 61 at the Techbridge 2015 Digital Ball 05 09 2015It was a great pleasure and treat when my friend and all around great guy, Aaron Hillegas visited Booth 61 on May 9th at the 2015 Techbridge Digital Ball. Aaron is the Founder and CEO of Big Nerd Ranch. The Techbridge VIP Reception this year and last was sponsored by Aaron and Big Nerd Ranch. Thank you for that Aaron.

Aaron shared the Big Nerd Ranch story along with a few “spoilers” about a recent, very prestigious award given to his company. If you are not familiar with Big Nerd Ranch, visit their website today to learn more for your self:

James Franklin & Jay Ferro at the Techbridge 2015 Digital Ball

2015 Digital Ball with James Franklin and Jay Ferro in Booth 61 5 09 2015What an honor to close Booth 61 with Ricky Steele at the Techbridge 2015 Digital Ball with none other than the CEO, James Franklin and the Chairman, Jay Ferro. I am personally in awe of both of these men which is not the job of a radio host. It is however the responsibility of someone who has watched what these two men have accomplished to change our community for good. In addition to Techbridge, James and Jay are involved in many, many other activities across multiple not for profit organizations. Millions of our fellow citizens have had their lives impacted by the dedication, passion and love shared by James and Jay on a daily basis.

As for the interview, it was exciting to hear a few “spoilers” before announcements were made later at the dinner. There are so many exciting developments within Techbridge that you should visit today to learn for your self. There is room for more passionate, caring people to volunteer your time, talent and treasure to help alleviate the suffering of many good men, women and children in Atlanta and across the world.

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed being a small part of the process.

Michael Williams, Vice President, Delta Global Staffing visits Booth 61 at the 2015 Techbridge Digital Ball

Michael Williams in Booth 61 at 2015 Digital Ball 5 09 2015 (2)My first guest for the 2015 Techbridge Digital Ball was Michael Williams, Vice President, Delta Global Staffing. In addition, I was pleased and honored to introduce Michael as my new Boss! I am thrilled to be the new Chief Development Officer for Delta Global Staffing.

Michael is an industry veteran having been a senior executive with the World’s largest IT Staffing firm. Michael may once again be part of the World’s largest staffing firm as we grow Delta Global Staffing. Much more importantly, Michael is Vice President of the staffing firm that is Passionate about our clients, our candidates and one another. That is why I am honored to be part of this great team.


James Franklin, Vish Narendra and Leo Martinez Talking TechBridge 4/08/2015

Booth 61 TechBridge Digital Ball 2015  4 08 2015




Booth 61 welcomed James Franklin, CEO of TechBridge, Vish Narendra, CIO of Alstom Integration at GE Power and Water and Leo Martinez, Community Education Coordinator and Youth Advocate at Caminar Latino. I hope you will listen to this powerful show highlighting the continued success and growth at TechBridge and how they impact the community through over 300 not for profit organizations. If you are not familiar with Techbridge, I hope you will visit their website to see the amazing life changing outreach of this organization. Through the hard work of a very dedicated staff and hundreds of volunteer leaders, over 7 million people were served last year by organizations supported by TechBridge.




Booth 61 with Ricky Steele is sponsored by Kanga, On Demand Local Delivery

Ed Helton & Kim Rozycki, Leadership Institute at Columbus State University and the James Blanchard Leadership Forum, 7/16/2014

Booth 61 with Ed Helton and Kim Rozycki 7 16 2014Booth 61 is always honored to host my friends from Columbus, Ed Helton and Kim Rozycki from Columbus State University. Ed and Kim are wonderful people who are creating leaders in Columbus and around the country. Columbus State University is a much different place in 2014 than it was in 1971 when I enrolled in what was then known as Columbus College. I think there were four buildings on campus. Now the campus is filled with beautiful buildings and the campus has expanded into downtown Columbus. Former Kennesaw State University Dean of Business and my good friend, Tim Mescon, is now the President of Columbus State University. Tim and his team are doing exciting work in Columbus and beyond.

The Leadership Institute at Columbus State University is a change agent for creating better leaders. One of the many initiatives of the Institute is the upcoming 2014 James Blanchard Leadership Forum. This year’s conference is probably the only conference in the world to include Mark Cuban, Sheryl Sandberg and Sara Blakely. The focus on Entrepreneurial Leadership will be inspiring. In addition, Ronald Heifetz, John R. Ryan, Geoffrey Canada and Marcus Buckingham will all share their wisdom to those gathered in Columbus on August 25th and 26th, 2014. I will be there and I encourage you to register: Whether you live in Columbus, Atlanta or the Silicon Valley, this is an event not to miss.

Special shout out to Sandy Ellingson and Jess Jones for joining us in the studio to Live Tweet and help share the message through social media.


TechBridge 2014 Digital Ball Recap with McKenzy Bailey, James Franklin, Dennis Gardin, Jessica Higgins, Karen Renner & Bill VanCuren 5/21/2014

Booth 61 TechBridge 2014 Digital Ball Recap 5  21  2014  1Booth 61 on May 21st, 2014 was MAGIC. I will not forget this broadcast for the rest of my career. I want to thank my guests who are all very busy people but were gracious in sharing their time with me in Booth 61. My guests included two of Atlanta’s most respected CIO’s, the first is with Novelis, Karen Renner & the second with NCR, Bill VanCuren, from the Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation, Dennis Gardin & McKenzy Bailey, and our two TechBridge Superstars, CEO James Franklin & Program Manager for the new “Adopt-A-Nonprofit” initiative, Jennifer Higgins.

I could write 25 paragraphs about this show and it would not do it justice. We laughed, we shed a few tears of gladness and joy, and we shared from our united hearts about all of the great things TechBridge is doing to change lives in our community and in 20 other cities. Over 6.5 MILLION people have been touched by TechBridge through the over 100 not for profit agencies who partner with TechBridge. As I said, I cannot do this broadcast justice by my words. You will have to listen and enjoy the passion we all experienced for one another, for our city, and for all of the lives who have been touched and will be touched through TechBridge including those served by the Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation which is a miracle story on it’s own.

Special thanks to my sidekick and Hunter Technical Resources “LinchPin”, Jess Jones for her social media skills in helping share the story before, during, and after our broadcast. Thank you Clint Bailey and all my colleagues at Hunter for sponsoring Booth 61. I am honored to be part of the HUNTER TEAM.

TechBridge’s 2014 Digital Ball with Alan Stukalsky, CIO of Randstad

Booth 61 at Digital Ball 2014 with Alan Stukalsky 5 3 2014 Great fun with Alan Stukalsky in Booth 61 with Ricky Steele at the TechBridge 2014 Digital Ball. Alan is a great leader in our community who is dedicated to helping others. Alan is also a “brainiac” having completed his BS at Emory in Mathematics and his BS in Mechanical Engineering at the North Avenue Trade Show aka Georgia Tech. His time achieving these degrees overlapped. Not a bad commute between the campus but can you imagine the amount of homework and project work you would have to complete while attending these two very prestigious schools at the same time? Thank you for your time and wisdom, Alan. Atlanta is fortunate to have you here.